Move the Body- The Conscious Warrior

To stay healthy, and to be in your power, the body needs to move. There are a million different ways to move it – find a combination that is fun and inspiring, and right for your age and body type. Preferably a routine that includes stretching, strengthening, and cardio.

Lack of time and laziness are the biggest obstacles, but it comes to down a matter of prioritizing exercise over other things. And the amazing thing is: making time for exercise makes everything else you do more fun, because you have more chi, more energy, and zest for life.

Exercise is the single most important factor in keeping your brain healthy. So by exercising the body, you are also nourishing the mind, and increasing balance between the mind and body. This helps to lay the groundwork for harmonizing the mind, body and spirit – the state of the conscious warrior.

Consider what an incredible blessing it is to have a body that you can exercise. Try to feel grateful – even during the difficult moments, and despite any limitations – for being alive, and getting to see and feel and touch and hear and taste this wondrous world we live in. Taking care of the body is taking care of the temple of our consciousness, where we can meet the Divine.

Try adding a new form of exercise to your daily routine. Go for a run at lunch. Get up an hour earlier and to yoga. Swim in the ocean or hike in the woods or hit a class at your local gym.