10 Ways to Keep Your Body Moving Throughout The Day

The human body is a fascinating creation. The more it is explored the more mysteries are revealed. The adult body consist of 206 bones, 300 well known muscles, the specialists know up to 700 muscles and we exercise at least 30 muscles when we smile. We have 31 pairs of nerves branching out into billions of nerve-endings with nerve impulses able to travel at a speed of 248 miles per hour. These are just a few amazing facts about your body.

It is amazing how the body moves and connects. The spine can move backward, forward, sideways and rotate. Arms and legs can move in all directions. Just look at a runner, a surfer or a yogi, it’s incredible!

Some people at the age of 90 are more vital, flexible and stronger than a 25 year old. If you ask them, “Why?” They will probably answer, “I never stopped moving.”

In the world today, we may spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair, driving or perhaps standing behind a counter all day long. In this way the body does not exactly move as it was created to and ailments begin to set in.

Many visit the gym, swim or take a yoga class, a great way to honor our bodies. But not all incorporate time to exercise. Start with small, short-term goals that can be reached comfortably. It’s easier to keep up with something new when you have early and frequent successes.

Here are some ways to start:
1.Gently stretch your body in the morning before you get out of bed.
2.Take some deep belly breaths, feel the abdomen raise and fall.
3.On a daily basis go for a walk, start with 3-10 minutes a day.
4.Involve your family and friends. Don’t be shy telling them your are trying to change your lifestyle! Get their support.
5.When you go shopping park the car away from the store entrance.
6.At the office, occasionally lift your shoulders up to the ears and relax them down again, roll them back and forth and look to the right and left.
7.When watching TV. Circle your ankles. Stretch you fingers out, then into a close fist 3-5 times.
8.Stand with your feet hip distance apart and swing your arms from side to side 8-10 times so you feel the rotation of the spine.
9.At home, play your favorite tune and dance a little dance, have fun!
10.Last but not least reward yourself, get a massage.

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The movement of the body has numerous benefits. Being fit reduces your risk for a heart attack, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. By moving your body you not only move the muscles and bones, but your internal organs get a soothing massage, you feel better, more vital and even younger!